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stepping stonesJST INSTITUTE is a threshold to training and education in Brief Narrative Therapy, integrating therapeutic ideas and practices with social justice values and principles. It is also the home of the Journal of Systemic Therapies, which has been publishing collaborative, client-centered ideas and practices worldwide since 1981. Grounded in practice-based evidence, our approach privileges people’s local knowledge with an emphasis on abilities rather than deficits, possibilities rather than limitations and what is strong, rather than what is wrong with people.

As competency-oriented practices, the principles of Brief Therapy and Narrative Therapy are highly effective when improving access to mental health services through walk-in clinics, single session therapy, brief services or longer-term environments. They are also beneficial when facilitating organizational change and innovation, working with communities experiencing hardship or for any service that aims to provide people with the support they need in a timely manner. Our training and education include workshops, certificate programs, online courses, conferences, and publications. You can attend training at our venue or we can take training and consultation to your organization, tailored to meet your hopes and needs, enriching and energizing your culture.

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"Keeping Faith: A Conversation with Michael White"

NEW: Brief Narrative Therapy

(Virtual Workshop)

Time-sensitive practices for responding to
lingering distress in daunting times.

The rituals of hope and unity that helped people endure the beginning stage of the pandemic have now given way to exhaustion and frustration, resulting in "pandemic fatigue." This lingering distress is compounded by the added complexities of living in daunting times filled with social injustice, economic hardship, isolation, and divided beliefs... see more...

Anti-racism position statement

The Journal of Systemic Therapies stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Black communities on addressing racial injustice, systemic racism, and criminal justice reform... more....

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