About Us

JST INSTITUTE is a threshold to collaborative, brief and narrative practices. We are the home of Journal of Systemic Therapies, which has been publishing and disseminating the collaborative ideas and practices of academic scholars and practitioners worldwide since 1981. The Institute offers support to practitioners through accessible, enriched training and education, consultation, and community initiatives.

This was wonderful training for our department and had just the right balance of theory, video practice examples and experiential exercises. 
- Ellie (Elizabeth) Lathrop, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Hospital for Sick Children

JST strives to integrate therapeutic ideas and practices within social justice values and principles, recognizing the effects of social context on people’s lives. Our philosophy is non-pathologizing and collaborative, acknowledging that the generation of meaning lies in the relational space between people. Grounded in practice-based evidence, these practices emphasize people’s competence rather than their deficits, their abilities rather than their weaknesses, their possibilities rather than their limitations.

Our competency-oriented practices are highly effective when improving access to mental health services through walk-in clinics, single session therapy, brief services or longer-term environments. They are also beneficial when facilitating organizational change and innovation, or working with communities experiencing hardship, or any service that aims to provide people with the support they need in a timely manner.

Our training and education include workshops, certificate programs, online courses, conferences, and publications.