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An INTRODUCTION to NARRATIVE THERAPY: Philosophy, key concepts and ethical practices

This introductory workshop serves as a threshold for practitioners interested in the study of the philosophy, key concepts and ethical practices of narrative therapy. People give meaning to their lives through the "identity stories" that are available to them.  These stories make it possible for them to make sense of their own life experiences.  People…

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Mapping Narrative Conversations: Charting Journeys Toward Preferred Destinations

Narrative conversational maps are like skeleton keys that open multiple doors to new worlds of experience. Rather than confirming what is already known, these maps help us to chart journeys with people toward preferred destinations that were previously unimaginable. They make visible the multiplicity of routes that can be plotted when embarking on adventures into…

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Narrative Practices Consultation Group

Facilitated by Jim Duvall This consultation group offers a supportive and generative environment for experienced narrative practitioners seeking to continue expanding their knowledge and skills. The narrative philosophy and ethical stance will be clearly addressed while creating abundant space for interactive practice and further skill development. The experience will include advanced theoretical exploration, recorded examples…

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Narrative Practices, Trauma and Embodiment: Evolving ideas in action

"People are not passive recipients of trauma; they respond to trauma in the best way that they know how". – Michael White, 2007, Toronto Many present-day ideas about trauma make a direct link between trauma and psychological pain that can often lead therapists to incapacitating and pathologizing conclusions. “These understandings also lead to the construction…

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