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JST welcomes articles addressing the practice and research of systemic, postmodern, and poststructuralist therapies. Please e-mail materials for review to the appropriate address below. Please do not submit elsewhere simultaneously. All general submissions, special section articles, training and supervision, and research articles should be no more than 20 pages(including abstract and references and excluding title page, tables, and figures) in 12-point font, double-spaced, with references following the standard style of the American Psychological Association(Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.). Articles should include an abstract.

Tables should be submitted in Excel. Tables formatted in Microsoft Word’s Table function are also acceptable. (Tables should not be submitted using tabs, returns, or spaces as formatting tools.) Figures must be submitted separately as graphic files (in order of preference: tif, eps, jpg, bmp, gif; note that PowerPoint isnot acceptable) in the highest possible resolution. Figure caption text should be included in the article’s Microsoft Word file.All figures must be readable in black and white.

General Submissions:

JST is interested in publishing articles by systemically and postmodern oriented practitioners, whether they are seeing clients, teaching students, supervising therapists, or consulting with colleagues about their craft. Send articles about yournew or expanded ideas, as well as your clinical innovations, to and c.c.

Special Sections:

Periodically JST publishes a special section (three or four articleson a theme). Anyone with a good idea please contact either Jim Hibel at or Anne Rambo @

Research Articles:

To help bring researchers and practitioners into conversation, we publish clinically relevant, reader-friendly research articles. We welcome submissions that describe non-traditional studies or that offer non-traditional narratives of traditional studies.Contact Jeff Carter for detailed suggestions about how to compose research -related manuscripts. E-mail research articles to Jeff Carter, Ph.D., Research Editor, at and c.c.

Training And Supervision Articles:

We publish articles highlighting innovations in training and supervision of systemically and postmodern oriented clinicians. E-mail Jim Duvall at and c.c.


Interviews with prominent theorists and practitioners contribute depth and scope to our knowledge of the current work. If you have someone that you would like to interview or someone that you think would be timely for us to interview contact Caroline Tremblay at and c.c.

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