An Introduction to Brief Narrative Therapy

Philosophical Assumptions, Operating Principles, Ethical Practices

Internal CEU Course Application FY 2016-2017

The University of Houston Graduate College of Social work welcomes your application to provide continuing education course in an area of your interest and expertise.  If approved, instructors will receive a fee of $600 per 6-hour course or $300 per 3-hour course.  Those who co-present will split this fee among the presenters. There must be a minimum of 8 attendees registered within 5 days of the workshop or it will be cancelled.  The maximum number of attendees may be determined prior to the opening of registration by the presenter or by the course sponsor.  Most sessions will be conducted at the Graduate College of Social Work building at the UH Central Campus.

Please complete this form by typing in responses to information requested and send it to the contact information listed at the end of this application.

Thank you for your interest in providing training through the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work Continuing Education.