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In March 1981, the first issue of Journal of Strategic and Systemic Therapies was released. It immediately found its niche in the flourishing world of family therapy and has continued to evolve. Over time the name was changed to Journal of Systemic Therapies (JST).

Since that time many pioneers and practitioners in the field have published breakthrough ideas and practices in JST. The journal currently publishes works that are embedded in a systemic or postmodern, poststructuralist, social constructionist theoretical orientation. We are interested in supporting non-normative, non-pathologizing ways of working with people. These are collaborative ways of working that emphasize people’s local knowledge and abilities, their commitments and preferences.

JST presents ideas that are provocative and practices that work with families, individuals and groups. Journal of Systemic Therapies explores the latest concepts in such areas as brief therapies, solution-focused brief therapy, relational approaches, collaborative dialogical therapy and narrative therapy. This journal is a solid teaching tool – reader friendly – with a major focus on practices.

The journal offers clinically relevant, practice oriented articles, as well as interviews with leading practitioners and theorist in the field. Special issues focus on important topics, such as Process Ethics, Reflecting Teams and Cross-Cultural Narratives. Innovative contributions have included:


  • Narrative ideas in family centered services
  • Keeping faith: A conversation with Michael White
  • Solution oriented classroom management for young children


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Editorial Staff

Jim Duvall, M.Ed, Senior Editor, Co-Director, JST INSTITUTE LLC, Galveston Island, Texas , USA



Pat Shelenko, M.A.C.P., B.S.W., R.S.W., Assistant Editor
Independent Practice, Barrie, ON Canada



Anne Rambo, PhD Special Sections Editor
Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. USA



Jeff Carter, PhD., C.Psych.,  Research Editor
University of Western Ontario, Department of Psychiatry ON Canada



Don Efron, M.S.W., Founder and Senior Editor Emeritus
London, ON, Canada

Editorial Review Board 2023

Makungu M. Akinyela, PhD,
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Diane R. Gehart, PhD
California State University 
Northridge, CA USA
marcela polanco, PhD
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA USA
Tod Augusta-Scott, MSW
Bridges Institute
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Laurie MacKinnon, PhD
Private Practice
Sydney, Australia
Tom Strong, PhD
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB Canada
Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, PhD,
SKIPS Founder and Director
San Francisco, CA, USA
Martha Gonsalves-Marquez, PhD
Private Practice
Weston, FL USA

Lance Taylor, MSc, RPsych

Private Practice
Cochrane, AB, Canada

Jill Freedman, MSW
Evanston Family Therapy Center
Evanston, IL USA
Karen Young, MSW
Windz Centre
Oakville, ON, Canada

Saliha Bava, Ph.D.

Mercy College

Dobbs Ferry, NY USA

Catrina Brown Ph.D.

Dalhousie University 

Halifax, NS, Canada

Monte Bobele Ph.D.

Our Lady of the Lake University

San Antonio, TX US

Mark McKergow Ph.D.

University of Hertfordshire

Hatfield, Hertfordshire UK

John Winslade, PhD
California State University
San Bernadino, CA



This workshop helped guide practicing therapists towards sharing case experiences and clinical insights in a publishable form. While excellent quantitative research is always welcome, it is not the only type of publishable work. At times, those actively practicing in the field may overlook the value of their reflections and practice-based discoveries. This workshop provided practical tools for turning such reflections into journal article form.

Dr. Rambo is Director of the MS Program and Professor at Nova Southeastern University. She is also the Special Sections Editor for the Journal of Systemic Therapies. She has particular interest in the intersection of social justice and family therapy, especially as it applies to at risk children and youth.

She has written three books for professionals and one for parents as well as numerous articles and book chapters. She teaches Clinical Practice, Human Development, Psychopathology, Supervision, School Based Family Therapy, Larger Systems and Social Issues and, Licensing/Credentialing Issues.


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