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Learn about brief therapy through this free, friendly and understandable course

Brief Services and Brief Therapy:
Foundational Principles and Therapeutic Approaches

Jim Duvall & Karen Young

This online course is divided into six modules:

  1. Introduction to Brief Services: The philosophy, guiding assumptions and operating principles
  2. Therapeutic Posture in Brief Competency-Based Therapy
  3. Putting Brief Services to Work in Your Agency: Service Delivery Mechanisms
  4. From Philosophy to Practice: Therapeutic Approaches that Fit
  5. Research and Evaluation in Brief Services: Linking evidence-based practice to practice-based evidence
  6. The Youth Perspective on How Brief Services Can Help

How to use the modules – if you have limited experience with Brief Therapy

If you have no background in Brief Services or have some exposure, but aren’t yet able to use it in practice, we recommend you view all modules in order.

By the end of the six modules, you will have a solid knowledge base in Brief Services.  To turn this knowledge into the skills required to incorporate Brief Services in to your practice, you will need further training that focuses on practicing in a safe setting and receiving supportive feedback on skill development.

Should you wish to pursue further Brief Therapy training, The JST INSTITUTE offers a full suite of courses in Brief Competency-Based Therapy.

How to use these modules – if you have prior experience with Brief Therapy:

If you are already very familiar with Brief Therapy and are using it in your practice, you may find it helpful to view only those modules that will help to deepen your knowledge.

To start the course:

Once you have entered the site click on the puzzle pieces to launch each module. If you close the module before completing it, you will be able to start where you exited the next time you launch the module, provided you are using the same computer. Each module contains navigation instructions – make sure you read all the instructions carefully and refer to the FAQ page if you have any issues.

Stay tuned- more great online courses to come!