Past Conferences

The Winds of Change Conferences began with two family therapy conferences:

1998   The Maritime Family Therapy Conference

           Halifax, Nova Scotia / Collaboration with Dalhousie University
           Karl Tomm, Scott Miller, Yvonne Dolan, Jim Duvall

2000   Millennium: Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future in Family Therapy

            Toronto, Ontario
            Salvador Minuchin, Dick Fisch, Steve deShazer, Tom Lund, Joe Eron, Jim Duvall

Winds of Change Conferences officially began in 2006. The conferences have attracted prominent world-renowned faculty and participants from 30 different countries. Winds of Change conferences are a moveable feast and have been operated in Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Ottawa, Ontario and League City, Texas. 

NB: The list below only represents small samples of presenters who participated. Each conference recruited many prominent keynote speakers and a Call for Papers.

Winds of Change Conferences

2006   Catching the Winds of Change / Collaborating for Change

           Halifax, Nova Scotia / A collaboration with Dalhousie University
            Scott Miller, Karl Tomm, Tom Lund, Joe Eron, Yvonne Dolan, Jim Duvall, Jill Freedman

2008   Catching the Winds of Change 2 / Inviting Dialogue Among Leading Therapy Traditions

winds of change 2008Halifax, Nova Scotia /A collaboration with Bridges Domestic Violence Research Institute.

Tod Augusta-Scott, Catrina Brown, Yvonne Dolan, Karl Tom, Scott Miller, Ken Hardy, David Epston, Jan Fook, Karen Young, Jim Duvall 

2009   Catching the Winds of Change 3 / Maritimes Collaborative Therapy Conference

winds of change 2009Halifax, Nova Scotia. / A collaboration with Bridges Domestic Violence Research Institute.

Maggie Carey, Rob Hall, Shona Russell, David Epston, Jim Duvall, Karen Young, Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jan Fook, Jill Freedman, Bill Randall, David Epston, Jim Duvall, Karen Young

2011   Catching the Winds of Change 4 / Innovations in Brief Service Delivery

winds-of-change-2011Toronto, Ontario

Arnold Slive, Monte Bobelle, Karen Young, Jim Duvall, Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ruth Pluznick, John Littrell, David Pare. Jerry Price

2012   Winds of Change 5 / Conversations on the Margins: Therapeutic Change, Social Change, and Social Justice

Ottawa, Ontario / A collaboration with University of Ottawa

John Winslade, Vikki Reynolds, Rob Hall, Shona Russell, Nancy Arthur, David Pare, Gene Combs, Jill Freedman, Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jim Duvall, Karen Young, Alan Wade, Craig Kielburger,

2013   Winds of Change 6 / Conversation-fest: Opening Doors to Possibilities – Inviting `Dialogue, Stories and Community in Therapy and Social Transformation.

winds-of-change-2013 League City, Texas / A collaboration with Houston Galveston Institute

Jill Freedman, Gene Combs, Harlene Anderson, Jim Duvall, Karen Young, Kenneth Gergen, Marie-Nathalie Beadoin, David Pare, Jim Hibel, Tod Augusta-Scott, Sue Levin, Sylvia London, Saliha Bava

2014   Winds of Change 7 / Interpersonal Neurobiology and Innovative Therapeutic Practices

winds-of-change-2014Toronto, Ontario

Dan Siegel, Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jim Duvall, Robert Maclennan, Sara Marlowe, Susan Angus, Michelle Manley, Jim Hibel, Robert Schwarz, Karen Young